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Duracoat 1 Color Pistol Slide Only Replace Sight Marking (3 Dot))
Duracoat 1 Color Pistol Slide Only Replace Sight Marking (3 Dot))


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Forget about cut rate DuraCoat providers. If you are looking for the best DuraCoat Job possible, send your gun to TCS. Our process is the most complete process in the industry. We fully disassemble every gun, clean all of the parts to be Duracoated, blast all of the metal parts that will be DuraCoated with Aluminum Oxide (some plastic parts are treated depending on finish), DuraCoat the parts, control the drying process, and function test the reassembled gun. This guarantees the best and most durable finish possible. If you get a lower quote from someone else, ask them these questions. 1. Does this quote include all surface prep? 2. What surface prep do you do? 3. Do you disassemble reassemble and function check every gun? Once you have talked to rest, get your gun DuraCoated by the best. This package is for a 1 Color Pistol Slide, sight marking replaced (3 dots). Shipping is quoted for all 48 contiguous states. Shipping to Hawaii and Alaska may be more. All other costs included. Just buy this service, and send your gun to us. Please include a letter with your Name, Address, Telephone Number, E-mail and Color Choice.

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Please select colors from choices at the following link. DuraCoat Color Selector

The following colors or lines require undercoating, overcoating or both: Pink, All Duradize, 71 Diamond Plate Silver, 72 Diamond Plate Grey, 23 Wild Yellow, 66 Pink Lady, 108 Competition Yellow, 120 Osha Yellow, 130 Primary Yellow, 144 Lars Larson Commie Pinko, MC1 Gold, MC2 Stainless Steel, MC3 Titanium, MC12 Royal Bronze, All Electric Colors, Heavy Metal Collection, DuraLaser Flourescent Colors, DuraPearl, Chameleon Coat, and Duraglo Night Sight Paint.

All Guns must be returned to the address from which they are shipped.

Return Shipping charged at time of purchase. Return Shipping includes all handling, and a high burst strength box.

Return Shipping charged at time of purchase.

Thank you for choosing TCS.

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    Duracoat One Color
    Complete Surface Prep

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